Monday, May 28, 2007

Crossing the Mississippi

Today was much better, with the sun shining and the cats not caterwauling. We drove to East Memphis, Arkansas and then north into Missouri, where we stopped in New Madrid for a close look at the Mississippi. The view was hazy, but here is one photo:

We passed through mile after mile of flat farmland, and it looked to me as though they were growing crops enough to feed the world. We crossed the river over a single-lane bridge at the point where the Ohio flows into it. There was no place to photograph the confluence of the two rivers, but my, it was impressive. Kentucky lay on the other side, and the landscape promptly goes from flat to gently rolling.


Ruth D~ said...

I'm following your journey vicariously. Beautiful pictures along the way. The confluence of the Ohio and the Mississippi-- wouldn't I love to see that?

Take care of those kitty cats. How 'bout a picture of them?

Gaynell said...

Great work.