Sunday, July 01, 2007

Checking in from Indy

We arrived tonight in Indianapolis from Buffalo, having logged around 5,000 miles on our trip so far. Much of what we saw is lovely farm country, like southern Indiana; no pix, since we've been single-minded about covering lots of ground, and our cameras are probably buried under a ton of junk in the car anyway. We're anxious to be home now, and will be there on the 4th if we keep up this pace.

Here's a photo from the other day when I met with Carter Jefferson (the handsome fellow on the right) and Ruth Douillette.

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Ruth D~ said...

Okay, you've been home nearly two weeks and have not posted a new entry. You better not blame your new admin duties on IWW!

I've tagged you. Preceed to my blog to figure out if you're going to play. (July 15 post) There's more than one way to get a book in front of new people.