Saturday, August 04, 2007

Speaking at SouthWest Writers

Nancy and I drove the 225 miles to Albuquerque Friday in anticipation of my Saturday talk at SouthWest Writers. We treated ourselves to a nice room at the Marriott and took an enjoyable tram ride to the summit of Sandia Peak. This photo from the back of the tram shows the city below:

And here is the tram, which travels 2.7 miles and climbs about 4,000 feet:

The talk the next day seems to have been a success. SouthWest Writers is a large and congenial group with over 600 members, of whom over 100 were there to listen to me. The title of my presentation was "Publishing Your Pride and Joy," which focused on self-publishing and subsidy publishing. Earlier in the week I'd prepared a six-page handout and run off 110 copies, which turned out to be not quite enough. I'd practiced my talk over and over again, and it never came out the same way twice, but the practice got me through the real thing nicely.


Ruth D~ said...

Beautiful pix. What kind of camera do you use?

Bob Sanchez said...

A 3.2 megapixel Minolta that I've loved literally to pieces. A plastic tab for the zoom is broken, and the battery cover no longer stays closed. So as much as I love it, I will probably buy a new one soon.

Ruth D~ said...

If you'[re getting such gorgeous pix from that camera, you're ready for a big boy camera now. You have a great eye.