Thursday, October 04, 2007

A drive through south Texas

Longhorn steer outside Marathon, Texas
We recently took the long way from Las Cruces to Austin, heading south to Alpine and Marathon and the Davis Mountains. In Marathon we stayed at the old Gage Hotel, dating back more than a century. Floors creaked, the bedroom door barely closed let alone locked, and the floor had a common bathroom down the hall—unless you paid extra, as we did. We had no television and no telephone, and across the street, freight trains rumbled through the night on an hourly basis.

The next morning, we drove the lonely road up to Fort Stockton. Often we’d see no other humans for long periods. But there were hawks and eagles, deer crossing the road and leaping a fence, and a family of longhorns.

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Ruth D~ said...

Sounds like a great change of pace except for the rumbling trains throughout the night. You have to post the rest of the pix you must have taken. This one of the long horns is great.