Saturday, December 08, 2007

A writing award

Don't you just hate it when you don't blog for six weeks, and no one notices? Lately I've been deeply involved in The Internet Review of Books, but lots of my energy, what energy there is, spins out in a dozen directions.

Today I won an award at the El Paso Writer's League, second prize for book-length fiction. I'd submitted a portion of my unpublished ethnic mystery, Little Mountain, which is set primarily in the Cambodian community of Lowell, Massachusetts.

Here are some mountains with a dusting of snow in southern New Mexico:

Organ Mountains, outside Las Cruces, New Mexico


Ruth D~ said...

I noticed, Bob. :>)

Beautiful photo. What mountain majesty. And that would be you chasing Nancy whose speeding away in the car, I'm guessing?

Carter said...

*I* noticed. I check your blog, Ruth's, and Gary's every day, to find out whether you're frittering away time you could be spending on the IRB. After a few days, however, I started thinking, "Poor Bob! He's overworked!" But I didn't mention that to you, of course.

You do have nice mountains, but we get our snow delivered right to our doors, as I'm sure you remember. We're supposed to get some tonight. I'd gladly send it your way--you have lots of room for it.

Bob Sanchez said...

Yes, you caught me wasting time on non-IRB stuff. The sun is abundant here, and sometimes I file through a link in my chains and get outdoors.

The region had several inches of snow a week or so ago, but all L.C. got was rain, a rarity in itself. The mountains did receive a dusting, as you can see. I had to hurry out with the camera before it all melted.

Kathryn Mackel said...

Congrats on the prize! Well-deserved, for sure.

Stop showing off with the mountains and the nice weather, already.