Thursday, July 17, 2008

Getting around to a little writing

Red yucca

The other day I bought close-up lenses for my camera and will be gallivanting around town looking for bugs on flower petals and other photogenic stuff. It will be a good break from all the hours I've been spending in front of the computer. I have put a lot of satisfying time into the Internet Writing Workshop and the Internet Review of Books, and then proofreading a friend's novel, and then volunteering for the Obama for President campaign, and then...and then...oh yes, writing of my own. In less than two weeks I have to submit my short story, Beethoven's Lost Penny, to our writing group’s chapbook. That is mostly finished, but needs a bit of work. (A bit is all it’s going to get, regardless of what it needs.)

Some kind friends have asked when I’ll write a follow-up to When Pigs Fly. One is in the works, but not far along. Another, Getting Lucky, has been basically finished since before the millennium. It needs some nips, tucks, and changes, but those oughtn't take long. A new book—definitely self-published— by early 2009 is at least a possibility.

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