Friday, April 24, 2009

A trip to wildflower country


Indian Blanket


We just returned from an RV trip into central Texas, where the April wildflowers are beautiful, and the politics—well, they are what they are. The hateful political sign is in an empty storefront in downtown McGregor, not far from W's old stomping ground of Crawford. Note the "FBO" at the top. Any guesses as to what that stands for?

A television ad for a place called Guns Are Us billed its store as "Three thousand square feet of Second Amendment heaven."

In one town where we stayed, we saw a house with the following large sign prominently displayed in its fenced-in front yard: Danger: Sex Offender/Child Molester Lives Here. In the driveway were a couple of cars and a gray-haired old woman who was swatting a goat with her hand.



Morgan Mandel said...

I do believe people should be able to speak their minds, no matter who agrees or doesn't. The sign is a good example. We've lost a lot of liberties lately.

Morgan Mandel

Bob Sanchez said...

I agree with you, Morgan. People should be free to speak their minds as this person is doing. Our country would be diminished if signs like this were not allowed. That doesn't mean I have to like it; the First Amendment protects our right to express ourselves.

What freedoms have you lost lately? I ask not to be argumentative, but out of simple curiosity.

Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

The wildflowers are beautiful - the sign a bit scary. I don't know what the FBO stands for - in fact I don't understand the sign period.

Jane Kennedy Sutton

Helen Ginger said...

Man, Bob...the next time you come to central TX, give me a call. You are most definitely following the wrong guide map!

Bob Sanchez said...

Dang, Helen. Let me know more about central Texas so I'm not like a babe in the woods. Where should we go next time to see wildflowers? I just figured that since the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center is in the area, that it would be quite good.

Jane, in my paranoid mind, I suppose FBO stands for an old Anglo-Saxon verb + "Barack Obama."

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. There's exercising your right to free speech and then there's looking like a hate-filled extremist. Blech.

Ruth D~ said...

Let's see . . . FBO, don't think it means friends of Barack Obama.

Love the flowers. Love the diversity.

Bob Sanchez said...

Friends! That's it. Thank you, Ruth.

Anonymous said...


conarnold said...

Thanks for sharing the flower photos, Bob! It brought back good memories. My parents lived in Kerrville, TX, which is very near where you were, and I went to college not too far from there too.