Thursday, December 17, 2009

Getting ready for Mazatlán

We're preparing to leave for a month-long RV trip to Mazatlán on January 1. Today we drove with our friends to the Mexican side of the Santa Teresa border entry to get visas. We're confident we'll be safe because our friends are going with us and have made the trip a number of times. In fact, they've lived in Mexico. So we were all mildly surprised when a woman in line for a visa warned us what not to do when we're on the road: don't pick up anyone, don't talk to strangers, don't leave the vehicle unattended, and at gas stations just pay for your gas and leave. Some of that is common sense; we don't intend to pick up anyone, for example. On the other hand, we aren't going to live in fear. The highway from the U.S. border to Mazatlan is apparently a straight shot, so we aren't worried about getting lost.

Last night our friends called an RV park in Mazatlán and were told we'd have no trouble staying at their park. Skittishness of tourists is one reason they gave, but they said the overall economy is the main problem. In any case it has security, has wi-fi, and is right by the beach. That way I'll be able to get sand in my toes, drink cerveza, maintain the Internet Review of Books website, and write blog entries accompanied by lots of photos.

Mexico is a beautiful country wracked in places by violence. Mazatlan itself is said to be safe for tourists; as with any big city, there doubtless are neighborhoods where strangers shouldn't go. But our friends, who've been there, tell us we'll get everywhere we want to go by bus or taxi.


Carter said...

Be careful, but most important, have a good time!

We'll be up to our ears in snow. :-)

Ruth D~ said...

Sounds a tiny bit like you are trying to comfort yourself... ???

Mexico is a beautiful country wracked in places by violence.

The U.S. is a beautiful country wracked in places by violence.

You'll be fine. Looking forward to the photos.

Helen Ginger said...

I hope y'all have a great time. I've never been to Mazatlan. There are border cities that are extremely dangerous, but the ones I know about, of course, are on the TX border. Wherever you go, be safe. And post an occasional picture!

Straight From Hel

Bob Sanchez said...

True, Ruth. We'll be passing through Culiacan, said to be a major hub for the drug cartels. But we'll keep moving til we get to the coast.

Helen, does any other Mexican city match Juarez for its nasty reputation? Anyway, we're not going in that direction. I'll certainly post beach pix, but nothing of me in shorts.

Carter, what's snow?

Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

Have a wonderful trip! I'm looking forward to the photos.

Patricia Stoltey said...

Hi, Bob -- thanks for commenting at my blog this morning. I popped over here to see what you're up to and now I'm jealous. Sounds like a wonderful adventure, so have a great time and be safe.

Rose City Reader said...

Bon voyage!

And have a Merry Christmas before you head out for your adventure.

A whole month! Geesh! I am jealous.

Anonymous said...

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cindy said...

have a great trip. you remind me of what my life will be like in a few years when we retire! and i was sorry to see that when pigs fly is not available in a kindle editon!

Anonymous said...

How exciting! I worked for over 10 years with a company financing boats and RVs. Do you belong to the Good Sam or FMCA club?

Bob Sanchez said...

Cindy, I'll look into making WPF available on Kindle.

Stephen, yes, we're Good Sam members. The other one I haven't heard of.

Anonymous said...

Have a fun and safe trip to Mexico, Bob! The dangers are as real there as they are anywhere, but I agree that you must not live in fear. Just use your noggin' and maintain a good sense of situational awareness.

ssquared said...


It's 14 degrees here and the wind is howling!

Enjoy the Mexican sun,