Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Back to Confession

Now how hard was that, going back to writing Confession? I'd set myself a modest daily goal of 500 words and broke 1,000 today. It felt good, almost like free writing. I tried to give my internal editor a rest, not worrying for a change about exactly how anything fit. Most likely, though, it fits pretty well with the overall plan of the story. A little girl has been kidnapped and will be in serious danger, though I promise she will be fine. A general rule of thumb, for me anyway, is that the writer can put children in danger but not hurt them. In fact, her captor will be much the worse for wear.


Anonymous said...

Go Bob go! Sounds like you are doing Nano. Good luck to you. I'm participating and hoping to write 25,000 words.

Marian Allen said...

In my opinion, you grasp what NaNo is all about--turning off that inner editor and writing hell-for-leather on any project that needs doin'! Go, you!

I agree with you about children in peril. The Ransom Of Red Chief is one of my favorite stories for a reason. :)

Marian Allen
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