Thursday, May 29, 2014

My Dream Endorsement for When Pigs Fly

President Clinton talking about When Pigs Fly
I won't lie. After a phenomenal 2012, my ebook sales hit the skids and haven't recovered--yet. The
successful tactics of '12 faltered in '13, and truth be told, I've been too busy in '14 to even try much marketing when results are so paltry.

So it's with pleasure I share with you my dream endorsement. No, really. It was a dream I had this morning just before my wife told me I was sleeping too late. In an unspecified city I am walking on the sidewalk, and President Bill Clinton sees me and beams with delight. "Hey Bob!" he says, hardly able to contain himself.

Then he shakes my hand with a strong grip. "I loved your book, man."

Next he's giving me a bear hug as I ask him, "You mean When Pigs Fly?"

"Oh yeah, man. That was great."

So there you have it: a presidential seal of approval for my work.

In my dreams.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That made me laugh!
Things have changed, especially with blogging and Twitter.
Only answer to a slump is to write another book.

Beth Camp said...

Loved this post. Made me think about who my 'dream endorsement' might be . . . aha! You only have to ask. Did you ask the Prez?

Gary Presley said...

It's not an impossible dream, really. Clinton's an Arkansawyer -- or is it Arkansan? -- and pigs are big in Arkansas. So big, in fact, that these hog farms have to worry about water quality and being a good neighbor.

I do think that Bill would be more likely to like WPF than Hilary. She's too busy raking in the moolah on the chicken-and-pea circuit. $225,000 for speaking at a university in Nevada?

Of course, all any of us need is to have someone like Bill carry the book. They don't even have to read it.

Nice post. Better than I could dream up.