Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A book unfit for review?

A book reviewer I know recently refused to review a self-published book on the grounds that it was so sloppily written and edited. The book review editor tactfully explained to the author that the reviewer preferred not reviewing it at all to writing a scathing review.

The author blithely responded that since his manuscript had been edited by an English teacher and a grammar-checking program, he felt perfectly comfortable with the book the way it was, and that the reviewer must simply be judging by her own unique standards that were of no concern to the author.

I haven't seen the book in question, but it's hard to imagine a writer with such a cavalier attitude having any success.


Helen Ginger said...

She or he will have to learn to step away emotionally. That's really tough to do. I'm hoping the author will eventually be able to think back on it and realize s/he could have learned from what the reviewer said and thank the stars the scathing review wasn't put out there.

Straight From Hel

Carter said...

Sounds like you're back! Welcome home! Not snowing, I hope.