Friday, January 08, 2010

Mexico trip, day 6: Celestino Gasca

RV park at Celestino Gasca,
on Mexico's west coast

Yesterday was no more than an overnight stay in Los Mochis, a good-sized city with just one RV park. Roosters do live there, and the place lived down to our expectations in every way.

Today we stopped at Celestino Gasca, an hour outside of Mazatlán, where we plan to stay a couple of nights. The beach on the Pacific Ocean is utterly gorgeous here, and the place advertised free Internet. That turns out to mean that they have one 3G modem that they lend out on request. I have it now and can’t get it to work. Maybe the owner will help me out tomorrow, or maybe I will be posting this from Mazatlán.

The highway through Los Mochis and Culiacán is mostly a four-lane, divided road that’s in good shape. We passed any number of cornfields and tomato plantings, with mountains in the distance. We crossed from the state of Sonora into Sinaloa, which sports a license plate with a bright red tomato. At one rest stop a fellow approached me, holding up a plastic bag with what looked like garbage in it. I thought he was trying to sell it to me, so I gave him a couple of pesos and waved him off.

Our RV park is small, with perhaps a half dozen RVs here now. Two are from British Columbia and one is from Saskatchewan, all retirees here for extended winter stays. One of the Canadian women had a deep bronze sun tan making her look like a roasted chicken. She also had a big smile as she sat back into her lawn chair to soak up more bright afternoon sun. It seems that Canadians are less spooked by news accounts of Mexican crime than Americans are.


Anonymous said...

Hey bob, do u have anything positive to say about this trip?. I mean if you want to have all the commodities and a feeling of "safety" you find in the U.S, perhaps you should stay in the California beaches. That way you can have a restroom available all the time, your beloved internet, and your favorite restaurant which I'm guessing is McDonald's.

Bob when u travel to a different country, you should expect things to be different. Be a lil adventurous and enjoy for a second living outside your bubble where everything is provided for u. Embrace and enjoy the little differences "Bob Sanchez". One last question. was it a Mexican whore giving it up to the gringos? or a gringa whore giving it up to the Mexicans?

Bob Sanchez said...

Of course I have positive things to say. People were kind and pleasant to us, and the countryside was quite beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous has skipped his medications again.