Saturday, April 26, 2014

W is for Mount Washington

As with all of the places mentioned in my A to Z blogs, one or two photos don't do justice to Mount Washington, the tallest point on the eastern seaboard of the US. I know of three ways to ascend this monster: the cog railway, the road, and hiking. We have done the first two and wouldn't even dream of doing the third. The weather can turn from summer to winter in moments and kill the unprepared hiker. Mount Washington holds a world's record for strongest surface wind ever recorded, at 231 miles per hour. We rode up in a van one September day and saw ice-covered boulders on the way.


loverofwords said...

Sorry I am so late in visiting your blog, but--there is always the "after challenge." One of my favs is Santa Fe, but what is an interesting day trip is to visit the three historic sites from three different time periods. Need to get all three names, will be back.

Bob Sanchez said...

I completely understand. I have fallen behind in comments, and plan to make up for it as you will, with after-challenge comments.

Certainly one great day trip from Santa Fe is the Taos Pueblo.