Thursday, May 21, 2015

Moving back East

Our house is emptying as we prepare for a 1700-mile move a week from today. We have lived in Las Cruces, New Mexico for most of a decade, and now we plan to move to a 55-plus community in the Tampa Bay area in Florida. So we've been selling, donating, recycling and discarding what feels like no end of stuff, much of which we once cared about. The rest, we'll let the movers pack for us. Still we fear we'll bring too much. That non-functioning laptop, that old tower PC, the old papers my mom held onto, the Southwest-themed rugs--time is running out to get rid of it all. We are moving into a smaller house on purpose so we'll be forced to thin and trim.

We all go through stages in life, with so many years of accumulating stuff, but now we are in the less-is-more stage. Time and each other's company trump material things now. Being alive and active, traveling, making friends are more important.

All of this is possible where we are, of course. But Tampa is closer to family and will be an exciting change of pace.

Anyway, this is some of what we are leaving behind:


D.G. Hudson said...

Good luck with your move. We are in the process of selling right now, but I've already gone through the junkman's visit, the recyclable items, and the dump. We downsized once before this but this time we also got rid of much we had hauled around before (like vinyl, and many many books). Our move will be in the next month or so, hopefully. One of my writer friends lives outside of Tampa and loves it!

Roland D. Yeomans said...

Las Cruces, New Mexico is truly beautiful. Tampa is pretty, too. But Hurricane Season is no fun. I wish an easy move. Thanks for the nice words on D.G."s blog. I was going to send you a couple of my Kindle books (saves space) but with this move ... reading is WAY down your list of things to do!! :-)

Misha Gericke said...

All the best with this new phase in your life.