Friday, February 20, 2009

The Getting Lucky cover

Today iUniverse sent me the proof for Getting Lucky. They have done a good job all in all. The text is packed a bit more tightly than in When Pigs Fly, 187 pages as opposed to 306. That apparently results in a significantly lower list price than WPF, although the $14.95 price is tentative. The pricing is one of the few aspects of book publishing over which iUniverse has the final say.

Their graphic artist did a nice job, although the bloody bullet hole on the four-leaf clover doesn't look as vivid as I had hoped. My wife looked at it and asked why there was dirt on the clover. Some of the problem is monitor resolution, but I've asked iU to have the artist make the blood unmistakable.

Other than that and a few other tweaks, this book looks nearly ready for production.

Buy the way, I purchased the background photo of a Lowell, Massachusetts canal from David Delay, who owns the copyright.


Bluestocking said...

Nice Bob!!

Ann Parker said...

Nice cover! I love the colors. The green, in particular, really jumps out.

Gary said...

Looks great, Bob. I like the concept -- "bullet hole in 4-leaf clover."

What gives it eye appeal to me is the way the railing curves off into the distance.


Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

A bullet hole in a four-leaf clover - very clever!

Jane Kennedy Sutton
Author of The Ride