Wednesday, June 03, 2009

RV trip, day 6: Breckenridge

The view across Route 24 from  Snowy Peaks RV Park,
Buena Vista, Colorado

Last night the rain pounded our RV for hours; as much as we love the sound, we eventually thought enough already. It stopped around midnight, and Wednesday morning we were treated to bright sunshine. Outside our RV park and across Route 24 lies the Collegiate Range, with peaks named Princeton, Harvard, and the like. None named Boston University or Georgia Tech that I know of.

We drove our Saturn through Fairplay and on to Breckenridge and Frisco before heading back across a couple of 10,000-foot passes and through brief snow showers. Clouds had moved back in and made some of the mountain photography difficult—not that the clouds were all that low, but the contrast between the clouds and the snow was minimal.

Tomorrow we leave the Rockies. There are several ways out, but some look dicey. Our best bet is probably the Interstate.

Story Time by Rosalind Cook, Breckenridge Art Gallery
Breckenridge, Colorado

Coffee shop, Fairplay, Colorado

Boy and chipmunk near Breckenridge


L. Diane Wolfe said...

Beautiful view, Bob!

What would be the significance of GT? Several of my characters attend GT, so your mention caught my eye...

L. Diane Wolfe

Bob Sanchez said...

Hi Diane,
BU is my alma mater. No significance to mentioning GT at all, just that it's not Ivy League.


Gary said...

"Storytime" -- the statue -- there's almost an identical one honoring the wife of the founder of one of our city's largest hospitals. It's in the lobby of an atrium.

Beautiful pix of the peak.

Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

Glad the rain stopped. We have a travel trailer and if it rains hard, the noise alone makes it tough to sleep. Enjoyed the photos.

Jane Kennedy Sutton

Anonymous said...

Your photos are making me miss CO soooo badly! Was the little chipmunk eating out of that boy's hand?

Bob Sanchez said...

Yes, the chipmunk was eating what looked like Dorito crumbs out of the boy's hand. Then the boy turned to me with his hand out and asked if I wanted some.

A very cute lad.