Thursday, June 04, 2009

RV trip, day 7: Descending the Rockies

Blue River, downtown Breckenridge
Tulips in June, downtown Breckenridge

Crossing the Rockies certainly has its ups and downs. We moved at speeds as slow as 25 mph at times. I focused on getting up, over, and down the mountain passes more than on photography today. The landscape settles down to around 4,000 feet above sea level, which is much the same as Las Cruces. The terrain even began to look like New Mexico—drier, with sparser vegetation and an abundance of mesas and buttes.

Now we're in Grand Junction for a couple of days and will start exploring the area tomorrow. GJ is a typical-looking small city of about 48,000. The only distinctive feature I've seen so far is the odd street-naming system. There are 29 (not 29th) Road, 30 Road, B 1/2 Street, D 5/8 Street, 26 1/4 Road, and many more like them. Sounds like the city fathers had a few too many beers.

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Ruth D~ said...

I'm enjoying your journey. Wish I was there! :>)

Pat the felines for me.