Saturday, April 16, 2011

N is for Noodling around

Hmm. N is for Nabokov? No, I never read him and have nothing to say. Necrophilia? Nightshade? Noodle soup? Nattering Nabobs? Negative. So I'm just Noodling around, looking at other folks' blogs and writing a little Nonfiction about the Sixties, which I remember unfondly. Since I missed out on both Vietnam and hallucinogens, some may say I wasn't even there, but I do recall a whole lot of upheaval. The progress of the civil rights movement and the technology generated by the space program are the main pluses I can think of from that decade. But the political murders and the war thoroughly poisoned the atmosphere.

Someone please help me. There must be other major events/phenomena that justified the Sixties. Oh yeah, the Beatles. What else?


baygirl32 said...

N is for Neil Armstrong - that was the 60's

RosieC said...

JFK's and MLK's assassinations. The Cuban Missile Crisis. Elvis's movie career :)

Anonymous said...

Well, definitely The Beatles. My daughter and I both love them/listen to them/sometimes hum their music. The Sixties? I remember reading In Cold Blood as a serial in our local newspaper and being spooked when I went outside to hang out my baby's wet diapers on the old-fashioned clothesline. But most of all, 1961, the year I married my first husband and we were immediately separated when his National Guard Unit got called up: the Berlin Wall Crisis. And of course, how could the ones who lived through the decade as a teenager or young married woman (me) ever forget the presidential assassinations.

You recently met me on my blog. I am now very happy to meet you. This post and your "O" post show me that you have a delightful skill with words.
Ann Carbine Best, Long Journey Home