Friday, April 01, 2011

Bouillabaise and books

We're guests this week and next in the Carolinas, so my A-Z Challenge is doubled for a while as I use my hosts' computer but focus mainly on socializing with them. They had three inches of rain just before we arrived, but so far we haven't seen any of that. Last night our hosts cooked up a bouillabaise of shrimp, corn, soft-shell crabs, and mussels. Mmmm-mm!

My new mystery, Little Mountain, is out. A box of copies has arrived at home, but I'll be too busy for a grand whoop-de-do rollout until our return. Much more about that later.


Anonymous said...

Congrats! on the new book and best wishes for your success!

Su said...

That sounds yummy. And congrats on the book!

Misha said...

Congrats on the book!

Good luck with the challenge!