Friday, April 29, 2011

Z is for Zee final post the A-Z Challenge, that is. This has been a lot of fun, trying to come up with short, interesting posts on whatever subject occupied my fevered brain. This month I visited far more blogs than I used to and far fewer that I'd hoped to. A quirky Internet connection is to blame, as some of the A-Z blog links came up slowly or not at all.

This experience has inspired me to blog more often, and I plan to visit all 1,200 or so A-Z participants in due time.

Longer days and a livelier connection, that's what I need.


Anonymous said...

I am VERY (I just read your V post :) concious of my broadband usage. This A-z has gobbled up most of it and I was worried that I wouldn't make it to the end. Especially with young ones on school holidays playing computer games as well. One more day and that's it. It will be sad to finish but also a relief. Thanks for your comment :)

Sheila Siler said...

Nice to meet you, even if it is almost the last day. Congrats on finishing!

Betty Craker Henderson said...

Well, I didn't make it in time to do anything but perhaps following up on a few of you will result in finding some interesting blogs to follow (such as yours!). My best intentions almost always fall by the wayside and this time they fell out before I was out of my own driveway. Thanks for visiting my blog anyway, I'm enjoying yours.