Friday, April 05, 2013

E is for Eschew Enriching Employment

Ah, retirement, the status I sought for so long. My wife and I retired in the mid--what do you call the last decade? The aughts? At 69, I am plenty able to be gainfully employed, but that would mean competition with someone younger who may have young ones to put through college. So we both eschew enriching employment and enrich our lives instead with lots of RV travel, reading, writing, blogging, TV watching, and the like.

Seriously, we feel very fortunate to have both health and time to explore our beautiful country. Last year we visited Antelope Island on Utah's Great Salt Lake. The photo below doesn't do justice to the herd of buffalo grazing at the shoreline.

The second photo was taken near Jackson Hole, Wyoming.


Jen HaHA said...

How awesome that you're 69 and retired last decade! I think traveling the country is a wonderful way not to be employed (does that even make sense?). Great pics again! I think it's neat to see the herd look like little dots in the background of a beautiful landscape photo!

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Rosalind Adam said...

Being retired is great in the summer but Mr A has found this long cold winter a real test on his ability to 'create things to do'.

Rosalind Adam is Writing in the Rain

Chris Weatherley said...

Nice pics, the salt lakes are on my list of places to visit. :)

LuAnn said...

My husband and I can't wait to retire but we got about 15 years to go. Enjoy

stacybuckeye said...

Enjoy retirement! Both of my parents recently retired and are all the happier for ut :)