Wednesday, April 17, 2013

O is for Oregon

Okay, I don't know that much about Oregon, having been there only once, in 2010.

Heceta Head Lighthouse, near Florence

Umpqua River

Pelican swallowing a fish,
2010 Reedsport Chainsaw
Sculpting Championship


Tara Tyler said...

love your photos!
you know more about oregon than i! never been, lovely country!
and the mountain train is my fave so far, followed closely by the pelican =)

happy o day!

Pat Bean said...

I love the Oregon coast. Thanks for sharing your photos

Maryann Miller said...

Lovely pictures. I am partial to lighthouses, so I really liked that one. I have never been to Oregon, so it was nice to get a pictorial introduction.

Mary Montague Sikes said...

Bob, I've never been to Oregon, but I've heard it's beautiful and a great place for photographers and painters!

Thanks for sharing!

Mary Montague Sikes

Ninjagaiden78 said...


Oregon looks beautiful. I have a good friend in Porland that I will be visiting this year.

Joyce Nance said...

Oregon! I want to go there.

Helen Ginger said...

Love the pelican!
You're not alone, Bob. I also know nothing about Oregon.

itlnbrt said...

This is a great challenge that I've never heard of. I love the photos!! :)
Great job!

J.L. Campbell said...

These pictures make me want to be outside.

Stratoz said...

We lived there for three years. Glad you got to visit. Stratoz goes from A to Z