Wednesday, April 01, 2015

A to Z Challenge: Absquatulate

This month brings the A to Z Challenge, which I choose to meet with a series of words that thus far may have escaped your attention, and deservedly so. Let's begin with

From a Pinterest pin by Jennifer Lynn
Absquatulate: to leave somewhere abruptly.

Upon witnessing the heinous crime, the young lad absquatulated.


Dee said...

Omigosh, I can honestly say that I have never even heard of this word before. Interesting choice! Good theme!

A Deecoded Life #AtoZchallenge

Stephen Tremp said...

Feet down fail me now!

it's great to learn new words and their meaning. I need to say it over about ten times in hopes I remember.

loverofwords said...

That is a new word for me! I am not sure I can even say it smoothly. Great start for the A-Z.

Stepheny Houghtlin said...

Now that is some kind of word. Wonder if spell check even knows how to spell it?

Beverley Baird said...

Great word - great start to the month of A to Z.

SweetBraveHeart said...

Whoa! I never thought this word ever existed even. Haha! Nice theme here! I do love to learn new uncommon words as well. Thesaurus is next to a good inspirational book for me. :) good luck on the A - Z challenge!

Geetika Gupta said...

That's so humanly..!!
Honest.. that's what many of us do..!


P V Ariel said...

Hi Bob,
Good to be here,
A nice start,in fact i learned a new word today, you would have given some more explanations, i felt an abrupt end here LOL
Keep sharing
Nice that you joined in this wonderful challenge
I am Philip a minion for a to z challenge for J L Campbell's Joyful Brigade
Have a wonderful day.
Keep sharing
Seasson's Greetings :-)