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Comic crime caper leaves readers laughing!

Sanchez’s motley misfits make for a merry read.

"Bob Sanchez is an exceptional, gifted writer...You can open this book at any page and find something delightful.”Kaye Trout’s book reviews

LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO When Pigs Fly (published by iUniverse) by Bob Sanchez highlights the life of retired cop Mack Durgin, who encounters one eccentric character after another in his quest to fulfill his promise to his friend George Ashe—to spread Ashe’s ashes across the Grand Canyon upon his death.

Sanchez shapes a cast of misfits who pursue Mack, the reluctant hero. Diet Cola loses the stolen lottery ticket he’s hidden in an urn (the one with Ashe’s ashes) and will do anything to get it back. Ace and Frosty, who like to save money by shoplifting where there is no sales tax and who think “urn” is a byproduct of a bodily function, attach themselves to Diet Cola and add chaos to everyone’s lives. Zippy attacks Mack because of woman issues. And Poindexter, a pet javelina released into the desert, proves that pigs really can fly.

On his journey through the desert, Mack befriends the entrancing Calliope, a former waitress in a bar that holds Elvis impersonation contests. Mack’s 80-year-old parents visit Mack and quickly stumble into criminal hands, only to prove themselves tough hostages indeed.

But it’s with the crazy group of “hooligans” that Sanchez’s writing style shines. The criminals pursue Mack from the east coast in pursuit of their prize, and the misbegotten caper leaves readers laughing.

“It’s a fast-moving comic crime caper played purely for laughs,” Sanchez says, but there is also a cohesive, entertaining, and captivating story beneath the high jinks.

About the Author

Bob Sanchez retired in Las Cruces, New Mexico after working in Massachusetts as a senior technical writer. He is active in several writers' groups, writes reviews for The Internet Review of Books, and has a local column and radio program. He is also the author of Getting Lucky. Bob and his wife love to travel the West in their RV. When Pigs Fly has received iUniverse’s Editor’s Choice and Star Awards. Read the first chapter online at

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