When Pigs Fly

About When Pigs Fly
Mack Durgin is a retired cop who wants nothing more than some peace and quiet in the Arizona sun. But when his elderly parents win the lottery in Massachusetts, he is in for a heap of trouble.

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Praise for When Pigs Fly
Like Carl Hiaasen on speed—Midwest Book Review

Besides the catchy tale of humorous, crazy characters and bizarre situations, a sweet thread of sensitivity weaves its way throughout these pages. Bob Sanchez is a consummate writer.—Kaye Trout's Book Reviews

Wonderfully zany, fun, action packed—Reader Views

A romping summer lark—The Author's Den

A slam-bang hoot with the offbeat energy of Raising Arizona raging through its pages—The Blogger News Net

You wrote a book? That's nice, dear. I hope it doesn't have any dirty words.—The author's mother

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