Thursday, August 31, 2006

It's done!

Glory, hallelujah, I've declared my manuscript complete and sent it to iUniverse. For the last week I've been going over the story, picking out the nits. Did you know that heaven and hell aren't initial-capped? Nor are pronouns referring to deities. So I had to change "God sure took His time, didn't He?" to "God sure took his time, didn't he?" The estimable editors at iUniverse referred me to the Chicago Manual of Style, and sure enough, they were right. I've been making little changes like that 'til my eyes were about to fall out, so the copy should be clean.

I've often heard stated as a truism that a writer can't edit his own writing. Well, I just did it, though it helped a lot that iUniverse sent me a report telling me the types of issues to look for.

Soon I hope to hear from iUniverse graphics folks about the cover art.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Pig's Progress

Right now I'm going line by line through When Pigs Fly, and that's a slow process. Sixty-eight pages in three days, and only 150 pages to go. Then I'll ship my edits off to iUniverse and move on to the next step. They have to put the book into the production queue, and they owe me a cover design, which I am eager to see.