Little Mountain

Little Mountain is a murder mystery set in the mill city of Lowell, Massachusetts, where thousands of Cambodian refugees settled beginning in the early 1980s. My family sponsored one of the first families to move to the area in 1980, and we came to know them well. People came to Lowell partly because of the jobs, the amount of both public and private assistance available, and eventually because of the growing community of Cambodians. Although specific numbers aren't available as far as I know, perhaps twenty or thirty thousand live in Lowell, making it the second largest such community in the United States, surpassed only by Long Beach, California.

The plot is about Lowell homicide detective Sambath "Sam" Long, who leads an investigation into a shotgun murder. The victim is identified as Bin Chea, a name that conjures up old terrors from his time in a Khmer Rouge work camp named Little Mountain. If this is the same Bin Chea who murdered his father in the camp, then Sam hopes he never catches the killer--and yet he must. But as he gets closer, his pursuit becomes increasing dangerous for him and his own family.

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