Wednesday, April 12, 2006

What's the Net coming to?

I subbed a flash fiction piece to a couple of zines and received quick rejections--not the replies I wanted, but I appreciate the speed of their responses. It appears that my humorous piece was too risque, and they wanted clean humor. So I cleaned the story up, sent it back, and was told that without the "dirty" part, there was nothing left. The editor kindly sent me a critique almost as long as my sub, which was more attention than the piece deserved. Gosh, here I'm being told the Internet is a vast swamp, and I have to run into a pair of editors with standards. What's the Net coming to?

You can find a number of good markets (all with standards) at: The nice thing about this site is that it groups markets by speed of response and percentage of rejections, based on readers' input.