Book reviews

Internet Review of Books

These are the reviews I've written for the Internet Review of Books:

A Contract with the Earth by Newt Gingrich and Terry L. Maple, October 2007
American Lion by Jon Meacham, February 2009
Bananas by Peter Chapman, March 2008
Beyond Terror and Martyrdom by Gilles Kepel, July 2009
Come to Think of It by Daniel Schorr, December 2007
Cracking the Einstein Code by Fulvio Melia, September 2009
Destiny Disrupted by Tamim Ansary, August 2009
Diving for Pearls, an essay by Bob Sanchez, June 2008
Far from the Land by Thomas J. Rice, April 2010
Home Girl by Judith Matloff, January 2009
Independents Day by Lou Dobbs, January 2008
POWs at Chigger Lake By Jack Shakely, March 2010
Secret War in El Paso, The by Charles H. Harris III and Louis R. Sadler, October 2009
Simplexity by Jeffrey Kluger, August 2008
The Age of American Unreason by Susan Jacoby, September 2008
The Book that Changed My Life by Roxanne J. Coady & Joy Johannessen, November 2007
The Cello Suites by Eric Siblin, May 2010
The First Day of the Blitz, by Peter Stansky, February 2008
The Gamble by Thomas E. Ricks, April 2009
The Last Crusaders by Barnaby Rogerson, February 2010
The Man Who Made Lists by Joshua Kendall, July 2008
The Second World by Parag Khanna, June 2008
The Secret War in El Paso by Charles H. Harris III and Louis R. Sadler, October 2009
The War Lovers by Evan Thomas, July 2010
Three Generations No Imbeciles by Paul A. Lombardo, November 2008
Tony Hillerman’s Landscape by Anne Hillerman, June 2010
Why Does E Equal MC2? by Brian Cox and Jeff Forshaw, September 2009