Monday, May 21, 2012

Review of GOTU: A Thriller with Speed and Attitude

Right from the opening scene, GOTU is an action-packed thriller that moves with the speed and attitude of a .44 slug. Sergeant Robin Marlette supervises Arizona's drug enforcement unit, known informally to its members as Guardians Of The Universe, or GOTU. Their job is to stop the worst of the bad guys from crossing the Mexican border with illegal drugs, and they don't exactly issue traffic citations. Robin is the ideal leader, who inspires his men to follow him anywhere. He is a fine family man, which is a crucial fact about him--if the bad guys shoot at the GOTU crew, that's business. But when they threaten Robin's family, they make the worst mistake of their miserable lives. At times he almost seems too perfect, but then we learn that he isn't.

With his background in Arizona law enforcement, author Mike McNeff certainly knows his stuff. There's never a dull moment in GOTU, especially when it comes to gunfights. It's a crisply written, satisfying read.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Review of The Devil of Light

I posted the following review on Amazon. If you like your fiction dark, read this one. This author is good.

Gae-Lynn Woods has written a dark thriller that plumbs the depths of evil in a small Texas town. Hitch, an ex-convict, comes to Arcadia and finds a man of means who will pay him to take care of certain unpleasant business. Hitch takes much pleasure in his work, which includes amputations, torture, and spectacular displays of cruelty. Ms. Woods writes exceptionally well, with good dialogue, smooth writing, and vivid details that will make the reader wince--take "brain drain" as a hint. Much of the story is told from the police investigators' point of view, and they certainly have their hands full. But then Arcadia may not be the only town graced by Hitch's presence, because "evil always finds a home."

Fans of James Lee Burke will enjoy The Devil of Light for the way Ms. Woods exposes human depravity. This looks like the beginning of a compelling series.