Tuesday, January 06, 2009

First trip in a new RV, day 2

Argh! I promised myself there would be photos in this blog, and I did take some, but ran out of time even to look at them. My friend Kate recommended a drive to Harshaw, Arizona, a tiny ghost town south of nowhere. That was an excellent ride in our rented car; pix will follow tomorrow barring any hassle about the RV park's Internet connection.

Tuesday is our last day in Tucson; on Wednesday we move on to Ajo.

Now before turning in, I will check out today’s crop of pix.


Katie Hines said...

Hi, Bob. I think it's interesting that you're taking this trip. My family has long wanted to take like a whole summer off to travel the U.S. Unfortunately jobs and other things prevent us from doing so. So I feel like I'm taking a virtual trip with you!

Bluestocking said...

Hi Bob!

Just checking to see how everyone is coming for the blog a day challenge.

Anonymous said...

Good trip wishes. And hey - I want some PICS up here tomorrow! (smile)

Gary said...

Somewhere out there -- I saw it in Arizona Highways Magazine a long time ago -- there is a beautiful old white adobe Spanish mission sitting isolated in the desert near Tucson. I remember the photos in AHMag, and I thought, "Wow!"

You sound as if you're having just the right amount of fun.

Gary www.garypresley.com

lucia said...

Hi, Bob. My first visit here via the group. I like the look of your site. Very nice to read. I also followed the link to the Univ of Georgia Law School book review that you did -- really interesting. I'll look forward to reading of your travels and varied interests here.
all best, Lucia

maicher said...

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