Wednesday, January 14, 2009

RV trip day 10—San Diego Zoo

We made it to the zoo but ran out of time to visit the animal park, and we were tired out besides. Once back at the RV, I spent several hours working on The Internet Review of Books, where I have webmaster duties. Being on the road makes everything a little more awkward. Anyway, I haven't finished going through the zoo photos yet, but here are some I like. All those good people who encouraged us to visit the zoo were absolutely right. Thank you. We will certainly come back to San Diego. Tomorrow, though, we are off to Palm Springs and then will start working our way back to Las Cruces.

We saw this giant panda in the middle of the day and waited for her to move. Once in perhaps a half hour, it twitched. We left the panda area for awhile, and when we came back she looked as though she had never budged.

This koala was no bundle of energy either.


Katie Hines said...

Bob, first of all, great pictures! I'm looking forward to tomorrow's post.

Anonymous said...

That is a mighty fine photo of a lion.

Joy said...

Glad you got to the zoo. We went there on our honeymoon and have been back several times since then. It's a great zoo.
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Dawn said...

Bob, come to my neck of the woods and see manatee in the wild! Get in the water with em and give em a smooch! It is warm (well, not today), here too. :)

Lovely photos and sounds like you're having a great time.


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