Thursday, January 01, 2009

Promises to keep in 2009

A New Year's resolution can be hard to keep. It's best not to make too many of them and to resolve to do only what's realistically in your power.

My own resolution is to follow through on commitments already made to myself and to others. My wife and I have bought an RV, and we will travel around much of the West in 2009, beginning with a trip to San Diego. So more travel isn't a resolution; it's a given. That means working more on my laptop as we stop at Internet-friendly RV parks. On my plate for the coming year are: helping moderate the Internet Writing Workshop Practice List; writing reviews for and maintaining the Internet Review of Books website; organizing and moderating meetings of Mesilla Valley Writers; and organizing the 2009 writing contest and literary publication for the El Paso Writer's League.

But wait (as the commercials say). There's more. Sometime later this winter, my second novel should be out. There are a few more edits to do to satisfy iUniverse's editor, and then Getting Lucky should go into production. In this regard, I plan to work on Internet publicity through blogs and improving my own website.

So no new commitments for me until I fulfill the old ones.


Morgan Mandel said...

My promise to myself is to finish my work in progress, hopefully by the beginning of February for the Love is Murder conference.

Morgan Mandel

Ruth D~ said...

Happy New Year, busy man! All good things though. Exciting news about the book.