Friday, January 02, 2009

I blog, therefore I am

Blog every day? Last year I'd go months without blogging. Would a 21st-century René Descartes, examining the purpose of life and the universe, write Blogito, ergo sum? Oh, probably not.

This morning I had a phone conversation with iUniverse about my novel Getting Lucky. We discussed an editorial evaluation they had done, which had useful but minor suggestions. I said I am perfectly able to make the changes myself, but at this point they require that I have them do a line edit at a not insignificant price as a condition for them awarding the book Editor's Choice. My first reaction is to say no, because I would probably never make the investment back, but I will have to crunch the numbers.


L. Diane Wolfe said...

Well, here's to a blog a day, Bob!

And they will give you the award if you pay them to do the edit? Hmmmm...

Bob Sanchez said...

Hmmm indeed. While I do have faith in their editing abilities, I also have faith in my own. So after my wife and I finish our magical mystery RV tour, I will tackle their recommended edits myself and submit it for publication.

I'll pop over to your blog later in the day.