Tuesday, January 06, 2009

First trip in a new RV, day 3
—Confessions of an art thief

We drove to Tubac today, south of Tucson. It’s an artsy little village with a few shops, not much there. But I took some photos of someone's artwork on display in the patio of a shop—from outside the property—and the owner-witch came out pointed to the “no photos” sign. Okay, fair enough. I stopped. But then she called me a thief for photographing her copyrighted artwork. I told her I would delete the photos from my camera, for which she thanked me; but she said she didn't spend a hundred thousand dollars on her education just to have people steal her artwork—and yes, I was still a thief. I did not argue with her. There were four photos, and I did delete them, and that was no loss. My wife told me later I shouldn’t get steamed about it, but I did. The photo at the right is from down the street.

We drove from there to Nogales, but didn’t cross the border or even get out of the car. It looks like a down-on-the-heels, plug-ugly little burg. Two images of our few minutes in Nogales stand out in my mind, both from billboards: the first a photo of a young murdered  woman with a reward offer for information leading to the arrest of her killer, the second a photo of a suspect wanted for some other murder, with a reward offer, etc. The only thing I did downtown was to look for highway I-19 North to get back out again.

The Internet connection has been awful here at the Beaudry RV park; they had advertised it as being included in the price, but apparently started charging in the middle of our stay. So I’ve paid, but lately haven't had the connection anyway. The heck with it. I’ve spent too much time getting peeved about it to bother anymore tonight, and tomorrow we are moving on to Ajo anyway.

This is an interesting place as RV parks go. We thought our 31-foot class B was big, but most others here are class A’s and dwarf ours. Nancy insists she doesn't have RV envy—what we have is just right, we both agree. In between parking spaces are lemon, grapefruit, and orange trees, all with ripe fruit hanging down. The last two mornings we have picked fallen grapefruit off the ground and eaten them for breakfast. Tonight we expect a frost, and that may kill off the remaining fruit. Too bad if it does, because a lot is still hanging on the trees.

Here are images from yesterday’s trip to the ghost town of Harshaw: An abandoned building and a grave in the cemetery across the street. You won’t find much else.


L. Diane Wolfe said...

Used to live in New Mexico, so miss those desert scenes!
She spent $100,000. on her education? You handled it well then - I would've commented that it seemed such a waste of money! (I mean really, that's a lot of money! Did she have an MD in art or something?)

Joan De La Haye said...

Those are lovely pictures. Thank you for sharing your trip with us.

Joan De La Haye

Anonymous said...

It sounds to me like Ms. Arteest needs a bit of an attitude adjustment. Perhaps she should have read a little Zig and then after you deleted the photos thanked you for your admiration of her overpriced over educated work.

Too bad people like that have to try and force their unhappiness on others.

You are the better man!

Safe travels.

Katie Hines said...

I want to know where she studied that she spent $100K on her education. I think she was a little over-the-top there about her artwork, but you seemed to handle it well. Happy trails!

Anonymous said...

It is entirely possible she spent $100,000+ on an art education. I went to the Rhode Island School of Design, which is considered by many to be the finest art school in the nation, and it cost about $48,000 a year. Granted, I got in on huge scholarships and student loans, so my folks and I didn't spend nearly as much money as this chick did. Even I wouldn't pay $100K on art school. I just hope no one looks at my books or my artwork and thinks it was a waste.

It is a shame that she wasn't more polite and sensible, though. It's not theft of one's artwork unless you reprint the photo for commercial purposes, or claim it as your own work. She should've just given you her business card.

Ann Parker said...

I love your photos! As for the art-store person, well, I think you're right to let it "roll off" as best you can.

Thanks for sharing your "on the road" experiences and look forward to seeing (and reading) more about them.

Beth Groundwater said...

Sounds like you've had an interesting trip so far, and that owner-witch is just shooting her own foot not allowing her artwork to be photographed. Think of all the free publicity she's missing out on!

Ruth D~ said...

Maybe if the witchartist thought for a bit, she'd have allowed you to post her art on your site with attribution . . . maybe a few more RVers would head her way. Lost opportunity.

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