Friday, January 16, 2009

RV trip day 13—down the home stretch

Gracie, one of our two faithful friends and traveling companions

Today we started home and have driven as far as Tonopah, Arizona on I-10. The saguaro cacti started appearing just after we crossed the Colorado River and the state line from California. There are a great many mountains along the way, none very high, and most are bare and beige. I don’t plan to take any more photos on this trip, as our sightseeing is pretty much done. However, we do have one more stop, in Benson, where there is supposed to be a small astronomical observatory right on the RV site. Now that sounds different.

Here is our other traveling friend, Gracie’s brother George:


Brooke from BBT said...

Is the cat on the stove? Oh dear!

Anonymous said...

Tonapah, Arizona? I never knew. There's a Tonapah, Nevada. Thanks for cluing me in.

Morgan Mandel said...

Cute cat photos!
We're not doing too many trips around here in Illinois if we can help it lately, between snow and cold. I hear Wednesday might be decent.

Morgan Mandel

Anonymous said...

Your RV, even just from these pics, looks pretty cool. It must be nice to be off the grid.

Ruth D~ said...

Gorgeous felines! Not that all cats aren't, but this pair is exceptional!