Monday, January 12, 2009

First trip in a new RV, day 8

The wind calmed considerably, and we headed west on U.S. 8 through the Imperial Valley and its rich farmland. Eventually we came to the mountains (whose name I haven't figured out yet), climbing from sea level to over 4,000 feet and driving across them for miles before finally descending on the west side.

We arrived at a KOA campground in San Diego in the afternoon, just stone's throw from the busy freeway. No doubt the steady hum of traffic will lull us to sleep.

Our Bengal cats George and Gracie deserve a lot of credit for being such troupers. They never wanted to come along on this trip, but they have settled in and behaved beautifully. George, though a sweetheart, does have a slight discipline problem when he's  at home; he often bites me when he is worked up. I never sense that he is being malicious at all, but sometimes he just can't seem to resist my bare elbow. I mention this now only because he has stopped that behavior completely since we've been on the road.
We haven't seen much of San Diego yet, but will be here for two full days. On Wednesday we'll move on, heading back in the general direction of home.

No new photos today. The building above is the Heritage Library in Yuma, Arizona, one of the nicer looking library buildings I've seen in a while. The cat at the left is George, in a photo taken a few months ago. He's a good boy, mostly.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bob-

I was going thru the list of BBT challenge bloggers, making some visits, and noticed I had you listed as BOG Sanchez - LOL. Sorry, got it fixed now!

Joy said...

Yeah! You made it. So, what are you going to do in San Diego? Visit the zoo and wild animal park if you get the chance.
Have fun!
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Sharon said...

Interesting that your cat stopped biting while traveling. I would have expected the opposite. Maybe he was biting just out of boredom.

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